SEGELL eTwinning School 2018-2019


El nostre centre ha rebut el reconeixement de Segell de centre eTwinning-“eTwinning School”. Això implica que som pioners en:

  • L’ús d’eines digitals
  • Prevenció i seguretat en línia(eSafety).
  • Enfocament pedagògic innovador i creatiu
  • Recolzament a la formació contínua docent.
  • Foment de pràctiques d’aprenentatge cooperatives per a docents i alumnes.

Aquest segell es dóna als centres que han mostrat  implicació, i compromís per part dels seus docents en el treball en la plataforma eTwinning.

Llistat de centres que han obtingut el Segell de Centre eTwinning.


Els projectes eTwinning a l’Institut Ronda

eTwinning és la comunitat més extensa de centres educatius d’Europa. Va néixer el 2005 com iniciativa del Programa d’Aprenentatge eLearning de la Comissió Europea i des del 2014 forma part d’Erasmus+, el Programa de la Unió Europea en matèria d’educació, formació, joventut i esport. El nostre centre participa activament en projectes eTwinning des de l’any 2005.

Projectes eTwinning amb Segells de Qualitat Nacionals i Europeus

ORFI Restaurant: Our Restaurant fostering inclusion(segell de qualitat nacional i europeu 2019)

Exploring roads to wellness. Bringing thermal springs to the foreground(segell de qualitat nacional i europeu 2019)

Culture for all(segell de qualitat nacional i europeu 2018)

United in diversity-Europe between tradition and the modern age(Segell de qualitat nacional i europeu 2017)

Starting from scratch(Segell de qualitat nacional i europeu 2016)

The common influences points of encounter between European cultures(Segell de qualitat nacional i europeu 2016)

The career project(Segell de qualitat nacional i europeu 2015)

Reconciling work and family life in a recession economy(Segell de qualitat nacional i euorpeu 2014)

Europia-Europe tomorrow-Looking at the present for an improvement in the future(Segell de qualitat nacional i europeu 2013)

Projectes eTwinning finalitzats

Scientific women heritage, where our past meets our future

Cultural heritage comes in many shapes and forms, also in Science: tangible for example microscopes, research centres, computerized axial tomography machines; intangible for example the Scientific’s effort and constancy to spread the knowledge in order to improve people’s health and wellbeing; natural for example the electromagnetic radiation spectrum or microscopic world with its fauna and flora and digital shape that includes digital creations as a way to preserve the scientific cultural heritage.

Lo confieso: ¡no puedo vivir sin ti!

En el proyecto eTwinning “Lo confieso: ¡no puedo vivir sin ti!” los/las estudiantes entran en contacto con sus pares con el fin de reflexionar sobre el uso compulsivo de algunos objetos en la vida diaria y sobre los efectos y las incidencias de las adicciones en la conducta humana y en la salud.


The project aims to make learning and teaching process easier, funnier and more meaningful by using etwinning.Teachers will organize this process according to curriculum in their country.

United in diversity-Europe between tradition and the modern age

The project “Unity in Diversity” will explore the concept of embracing diversity through empathy.The participants are to distinguish between assumptions and inferences be it appreciation of art or problems in Europe today.

Tips and tools for teachers of vocational colleges

This project is meant to present and exchange useful teaching tips and tools that can successfully be used in FE colleges

The career project

The project is based on the MOOC “Enhance your career and Employability skills” by David Winter and Laura Brammar (University of London) and it aims at familiarising students with their own needs and goals as future employees, as well as those of the society they are a part of. They are also to put theory into practice, learning to write their own CVs.

Starting from scratch

Refugees and migrants are arriving in Europe in numbers higher than ever recorded before. There are so many reasons which forced them to leave their homes and so many stories behind them. We will try to enhance our knowledge about migration and how we can help them to feel accepted.

Recopilatorio de aplicaciones didácticas con TIC para trabajar en Educación Infantil

Recopilatorio de Aplicaciones didácticas.

Reconciling work and family life in a recession economy

The recesion we are currently going through, and consequently the difficulties we have to face (i.e. finding a job and keeping it), involves changes connected to the family responsabilities such as taking care of the children and our senior citizens. The aim of our project is to study these changes under the light of the reality we are living in in our European countries, proposing strategies to reconcile work and family life.

PDW Slovenia 2017-eTwinning meets Erasmus+

PDW Slovenia 2017 – eTwinning meets Erasmus+

The common influences points of encounter between European cultures

When we enter to the main entry of the building of rectorship of the University of Lleida we do it over of a singular structure, it’s a horizontal sculpture called Bridge of Land. It is the way to the main entrance of the building. It was created by the sculptor Jaume Plensa with reason of the celebration of the 700 anniversary of the University of Lleida.
It was based on the observation of this sculpture that started the idea for this project. The history of Europe is inconceivable without the interaction of the people living there. We can not speak of Spanish culture, or Italian culture, or German culture, or English culture as isolated cultures. They all drink in the same sources and they feed each other.

Our classmates in Europe

As our students are attending Vocational courses in different countries, this project will be the best way to know each other better(customs, traditions, landscapes) and share the concerns of young people in Europe(employability).

Euroteachers team up

This project aims at providing teachers from different schools in Europe with the opportunity to get in touch, collaborate, exchange good teaching practices and design joint activities together.

Clube Europeu de ESPAV-Learn History of Europe

.Participar na criação do espaço educativo europeu
.Compreender a existência e diversidade de
interpretações, pontos de vista, memórias e perspectivas multiculturais na construção da História da Europa.
.Estimular a reflexão e a cooperação através do debate participativo e colaborativo.

Europia-Europe tomorrow-Looking at the present for an improvement in the future

As part of celebrating the European Year of Citizens 2013, the “Europia – Europe tomorrow – looking at the present for an improvement in the future” project aims at familiarizing students with the idea of citizenship, also encouraging them to design an ideal city. They are to be acquainted with alternative city concepts and social experiments, seen in the light of justice, education and equality and so on.

Music, vehicle of cultural identity

The Project will have different level impacts which will be complementary to each other. On the one hand, it will contribute to have more knowledge of the different school subjects and on the other hand it will certainly contribute to get a better knowledge of the different cultural, historical and social realities of different European peoples.
But the most important impact (hidden curriculum) for our students will be to know directly about the life, worries, wishes, ambitions and so on of their colleagues from other countries.

The role of women in the context of the current economy

Taking consciusness of women role through knowing each other.

Partner finding fair-October 2012

This is a special event during eTwinning for teachers of pupils aged 11 – 19 to find partners during eTwinning Weeks.

Correspondientes europeos

Spanischlerner aus Deutschland und Deutschlerner aus Spanien lernen sich per E-Mail und Chat kennnen und tauschen sich mittels neuer Medien über ihren Schulalltag, ihre Freizeitgewohnheiten und landestypische Feste aus.

Ensemble, juntos

Se trata de realizar diferentes actividades en francés y español para que los alumnos las compartan, interactúen en ellas y se comuniquen, poniendo en práctica la lenuga estudiada.